Kickapoo Drilling 1990

Living in rural Central Illinois provides that peaceful, laidback way of life that many of us seek, but it also means sacrificing some of the conveniences of city living. For clothes to be washed and food to be prepared, you need a functioning source of water.

If you're planning to build a new home in the country, make sure your builder knows about Kickapoo Drilling Company! We work with commercial and home builders across Central Illinois and will develop a custom solution for your new property to ensure your water system is set up for success for years to come.

If you live in a pre-existing home, you likely have a well on your property or one that's shared with a neighbor. You check your roof and windows to make sure they're in good condition and serving your home well, but do you do the same for your well? Don't get stuck without water! Kickapoo Drilling Company offers water well maintenance and inspection to make sure your well is in working order.

Buying a house in the country? Talk to us about inspecting your well before you move in! Issues with your well can be costly, but with regular maintenance and care, your equipment will last longer, perform better, and decisions for system improvement can be made in advance more easily.

Our services for rural homeowners don't stop with water wells. Learn more about opportunities with geothermal heating and cooling, and water conditioning to combat hard water.

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