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Buying a home with a water well means getting an inspection. Inspecting a well water system takes only a few hours, but it reveals years’ worth of information about the condition of the equipment. From checking the well and well casing for damage to diagnosing pump issues or adjusting the air pressure in the pressure tank, our maintenance and inspection services here at Kickapoo Drilling Company are designed to keep your well running smoothly.

Why Does a Well Need Inspection?

Pre-purchase inspections are necessary to verify a well is working and capable of providing your new home with water. Just because the seller can turn on a tap doesn't mean the water is safe to drink or good for washing. Well inspections also help you pinpoint the causes of specific issues, such as low water pressure caused by a damaged pressure tank, old pressure switch, or an aging pump.

well inspection photoWhat Maintenance Does a Well Water System Require?

Even today's advanced pumps and constant pressure systems need occasional attention from a service professional. Quality testing is an annual inspection step that helps you determine the health and wellbeing of your water well, water system and water quality. The water system needs maintenance each year to perform its best, and a simple swapping out a new pressure switch may improve your water pressure. Replacing parts, such as pressure tanks and switches, every few years keeps the system functioning like new. The well itself may also require attention, such as cleaning, brushing, acidizing, or redevelopment to keep providing you with a steady flow of water.

Don't wait for your water well to develop a problem. Annual maintenance from Kickapoo Drilling Company is the best approach to preventing pump and well issues from interrupting your daily routine. 

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