Unlike the water systems operated by municipalities, well water systems fluctuate in pressure. When you’re used to a steady and strong stream for your morning shower or dishwashing chores, you’ll need to add a constant pressure system to your home. From Peoria to Urbana, Kickapoo Drilling Company can help with design and installation.

The Power of Constant Pressure

How we use water today is different than how we have in the past.  All water systems depend on a pump to move water.  With technology, we can adjust the pump’s speed to better match the demands of your home.  We still utilize a pressure tank, but it’s a much smaller version than a conventional system.  It’s so small because the smart pump does all the work.  You may think it is a bad thing to have a pump that runs all the time, but for most of your everyday household chores, the smart pump will run one-fourth to one-third of its maximum speed.  A constant pressure system matches your demand to maintain pressure.  In busy homes where you have family members trying to shower, wash clothing, and water the lawn all at once, pressurizing the entire system is often the only way to keep everyone happy.  Call us today to see if your well is a good candidate for constant pressure.

Learn more about the products we use: Grundfos, Flint & Walling, and Franklin Electric.

Combination Systems

If your well water is full of minerals, you’ll likely need a water conditioning system to soften it for better cleaning and bathing results. When adding water conditioning equipment to a well, we highly recommend adding a constant pressure system too. Since the water has to flow through the conditioning equipment and undergo processing, the pressure is usually affected. The constant pressure system prevents this from becoming a problem while working flawlessly with your water conditioning units. Call us today for a free estimate on making all of these improvements at once.