Glen Layten was born on June 29, 1918, and grew up on a farm near Downs, Illinois. In the 1930s, Glen began helping to drill wells with a jetting rig, tripod-model T engine, and a capson pully. When he returned home from war in 1946, Glen worked in a garage, but kept up with his passion for drilling by buying and operating various drilling equipment.

In 1959, Glen began mud drilling for Vernon Harris Drilling and would enter into a partnership with Vernon from 1963-1967. The company’s name changed when the partnership began and was chosen as a “common ground” because of the Kickapoo Creek running between their towns: Downs and Heyworth, IL. In 1967, Vernon decided to sell his share of the company to Glen. 

Glen operated the company as the sole owner until his death in 1976. His widow, Barb Layten, and son, Jim Layten entered into a partnership and took over management of the company. Both had previously worked in the business with Glen. In 1978, Jim married Rita. Rita started working for the company in 1979 and has since become a very important part of the business. Jim and Rita have two children: Mark and Sarah, both of whom now work for the company. Mark joined the business after graduating from high school in 1998 and Sarah joined the business after graduating from college in 2004. Danny Northrip joined the team later in 2010 after drilling for another company since graduating high school in 2002 and quickly became an important part of the team and like family. 

In 2019, the company officially transferred ownership to the third generation of Mark Layten, Sarah Gassaway, and Danny Northrip with the plans to continue the legacy for many years to come.

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