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While the well itself may supply the water, it all stays trapped in the ground until it’s pumped into your home or business. A well pump is just as important as the well itself for water, so knowing the application, how they’re chosen, and how they’re installed is important when you are a well owner.

The Role of the Pump

The well water pump is responsible for lifting the groundwater and distributing it to the rest of your water system. With today’s technology, we have smart pumps and conventional pumps.  A smart pump can vary its speed to match the demand.  We call it a Constant Pressure System.  A conventional pump operates at a single speed and is operated by a pressure switch with a typical 40-60 psi pressure cycle.  We’ll help you decide which type of well pump is right for your uses. In most residential and commercial systems, the pump is also connected to a pressure tank. This tank holds a few gallons at a time which is specifically sized to match the pump we put in the well and is designed to hold pressure in your water lines.  The pressure tank, pressure switch, and pump are all balanced to help each other work properly.  Without the right pump or pressure tank, even the best-drilled wells are little more than holes in the ground.

Replacing the Pump

While the drilled well will last for years and years, a pump will require maintenance and care. Even with an annual maintenance visit, a homeowner should budget for a well pump replacement every ten years or so. The pump is controlled by a switch or sensor that relies on water pressure to know when you need more water, and this switch may need replacement every few years. With proper well maintenance such as a new pressure switch and some annual cleaning and maintenance, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted service from your well pump and a longer life cycle of your well and water system.

Well Pump Service

Is your well pump acting up in the greater Central Illinois area? Call us today to schedule a visit, and we’ll determine what’s going on with your well or water system.  If you just moved into a house with an existing well, don’t worry because there is a good chance we are already familiar with your well as we keep thorough records throughout the life of the well.