If you are tired of struggling with hard water or just found out there's a problem with your water quality thanks to water testing, it's time for reliable water conditioning. At Kickapoo Drilling Company, we recommend and install the Sanitizer Plus unit from Water Right. Regardless of what's causing your groundwater quality issues, the Sanitizer Plus can restore the taste, odor, color, and flavor with minimal maintenance.

Four Units in One

There are hundreds of different water softeners out there, but many are inappropriate for well water systems. Other conditioning units only handle a single type of water treatment at a time, resulting in the need for multiple pieces of equipment. The Sanitizer Plus is designed to work flawlessly with any kind of well a homeowner might have, and it offers four different kinds of water conditioning at once:

  • Softening hard water by removing dissolved minerals, especially calcium
  • Capturing iron, which can clog pipes and leave stains in your bathtub
  • Removing manganese, another mineral some water conditioners miss
  • Raising pH levels, another water quality issue that interferes with washing and bathing.

Learn more about the sanitizer systems we use.

Easy to Maintain

Some homeowners are wary to install water softeners because they don't want another appliance to maintain. The Sanitizer Plus simplifies this process by minimizing how often you need to change out the mineral.  The unit uses an exclusive Crystal-Right media, a synthetic zeolite mineral to remove hardness, iron, and manganese, plus it corrects low pH and control odor.  Through a higher flow backwash, it removes suspended particles. Combine all of this with a compact design, and you have the best water conditioning equipment you can find for a rural Illinois home.

Ready to enjoy better water from every tap in the home? Discuss your options with us here at Kickapoo Drilling Company to get a free estimate. If you're not sure if you need the Sanitizer Plus or not, we'll handle well water testing to determine the best fit for your needs.