Not all pressure tanks are designed the same. Here at Kickapoo Drilling Company, we handle every part of well drilling and installation, including pumps and the pressure tanks they rely on.  We will recommend which pressure tank meets your system needs and budget.  Our larger pressure tanks are made of coated fiberglass, eliminating pinholes that may cause water damage in your basement.  We also have the best warranties in the industry ensuring you purchased a quality product.       

Why Does a Well Water System Need a Pressure Tank?

The water inside a freshly drilled well is trapped by gravity. Adding an electric pump helps bring it out of the ground and move it around, but the pump must run continually to do this. In order to avoid wearing out or overheating the pump, most residential and commercial systems involve a pressure tank. This is a fiberglass or metal tank that features a bladder or diaphragm of some kind. That bladder resembles a bag attached to the inside of the tank and separates the water and air, reducing the constant need to add air to the pressure tank. Eventually, the water reaches a specific amount of pressure thanks to the compression of the air-filled area. Building up pressure like this allows for an uninterrupted water supply at the tap. Water flows out of the tank first, activates a switch as the pressure drops, and then the pump runs to refill the tank.

Learn more about the products we use: Well MateWell X Trol By AmtrolFlex-Lite.

Does My Pressure Tank Need Attention?

If you’re experiencing a lot of sediment in your water, find your pressure fluctuating, or would like more water pressure, you should schedule a pressure tank inspection. The bladder or bag in the tank can wear out over time and eventually cause your pump to run every time you need water. A new tank is an affordable way to improve your entire well water experience and to prevent well pump burnout. For even greater control over water pressure, you can upgrade to a constant pressure system with our help here at Kickapoo Drilling Company.